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art by élo

What is it?

Do you ever find yourself yearning for greater recognition, visibility, and acknowledgment? Do people truly perceive and understand your authentic self? Allow me to guide you in redefining “the real you.”

The graphic signature I will craft for you, infused with kindness, will serve as a unique representation of your personal brand. This logo or symbol will resonate with the very essence of your core identity—the person you genuinely are and the individual you aspire to evolve into on your journey.

To manifest this extraordinary expression of your “SELF,” I will harness my 15 years of creative design expertise, creative intelligence, inner wisdom, insights gleaned from coaching courses, intuitive inspirations, and the wisdom gained from coaching expatriate women.

Through this heartfelt connection, what I offer you will mirror my perception of the finest facets of your individuality. Your task will be to embrace it and make it your own. Thus, this graphic and energetic signature, this emblem of your soul, will not only serve as a visual anchor for your current self but also for the radiant person you aspire to become.

You can proudly feature this “personal card” as an electronic signature in your emails and across various social networks or print it for sharing as you expand your network of connections or embark on potential professional interviews.

This extraordinary avenue provides a radiant illumination for your unique path, granting you the power to reclaim authority over your life and boldly declare, “This is who I am!”

How does it work?

Experience 4 individual sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, spread across a span of 1 month. Whether in-person (Portugal) or online – accommodating your global location!

Coaching # 1: Present State – Who have you become? Your story, your challenges, your concerns, your disillusionments…

Coaching # 2: Who are you really? Suppressed passions, unfulfilled desires, hidden talents…

Coaching # 3: Who do you aspire to be in the future? Your life plan, your potential, what brings a smile to your heart and fills you with joy…

Coaching # 4: Delivery of your Gateway Soul Signature and NLP anchoring exercise that will allow you to easily reconnect with the positive changes experienced throughout our coaching journey.

Additionally, you’ll receive an introspection journal page (PDF) and a self-esteem meditation, thoughtfully curated to complement your transformative experience.


Gateway Soul Signature program price: 475 euros

Gateway Soul Signature

If this distinctive and creative approach strikes a chord with you, take the initiative and schedule your initial coaching session with me. Now is the opportune moment to put yourself first!

Note: Gateway Soul Signature is encompassed within the GATEWAY S.O.S program.

To determine whether the Gateway Soul Signature program is the ideal fit for your needs, I cordially invite you to a 30-minute online session. This will provide us with the opportunity to establish a deeper connection and ascertain if I am the suitable guide for your journey.


from clouds to rainbows…

The Gateway S.O.S program provides personalized, holistic, and spiritual assistance to expatriate spouses or individuals grappling with feelings of disorientation, uprootedness, or lost direction in their lives.

Over the course of eight sessions, I will guide you with compassion, offering a heartfelt bridge to support you through the crisis, facilitating the restoration of your inner equilibrium… and fostering a smile, regardless of the ebb and flow of life abroad.

To achieve this, we will thoroughly explore various facets of your life and unravel the beliefs and thoughts that hinder your daily existence. With each passing week, a profound transformation will unfold within you, enhancing your clarity of vision and infusing your life with a sense of lightness and harmony.

Consider this program as a breeze of spiritual freshness sweeping away the clouds that cast shadows over your life, revealing the light… and the rainbows!

The program comprises:

8 individual sessions, each lasting 60 minutes, thoughtfully scheduled to accommodate your family and professional obligations.

Coaching 1: Assessing Your Current State – Physically, emotionally, mentally: How do you perceive your life? What is your self-image, and how do you perceive the world around you?

Coaching 2: Unveiling Your Ideal Self – Envision the life you aspire to live. This self-discovery journey taps into your intuitive wisdom through a captivating visualization exercise.

Coaching 3: Crafting Your Vision Board – Harness your own words, photos, and insights from session #2 to create a personalized Vision Board.

Coaching 4: Navigating Your Transformation Path – Examine your beliefs, values, and skills, guided by your creative intelligence to illuminate your way forward.

Coaching 5: Cultivating Self-Confidence – Develop the self-assurance needed to embark on your self-discovery journey, surmounting fears and taking action despite them.

Coaching 6: Igniting Heart Intelligence – Embrace the #1 key to success: connecting with your heart, your Heart Set. Explore self-love’s role in your personal and professional life while reigniting the wisdom of your heart.

Coaching 7: Cultivating Mindset – Embrace the #2 key: Discipline, silence, focus, and consistency. Master the art of honing your Mind Set, harnessing its potential for clarity and enhanced efficiency in daily endeavors.

Coaching 8: Reflection and Commitment – Summarize the knowledge gained over our 8 transformative sessions, solidifying your commitments to progress daily toward your envisioned life.

These sessions together form a comprehensive journey tailored to guide you towards your dream life.

Example of Vision Board

In addition

In addition to these 8 personalized coaching sessions, I am delighted to offer you the following components as part of the GATEWAY S.O.S. program:

  1. Your Gateway Soul Signature (value of 475 Euros)
  2. Two (2) audio meditations in MP3 format focused on self-esteem and reconnecting with your inner self
  3. One (1) progress tracking booklet, allowing you to revisit your journey whenever needed
  4. Four (4) video capsules designed to help you rediscover inner joy amidst life’s fluctuations
  5. One (1) harmony assessment booklet to gauge your life’s equilibrium
  6. Your personalized vision board, serving as a daily reminder of your aspirations
  7. Access to my WhatsApp for the duration of the program, providing a platform to share your weekly accomplishments and receive ongoing support
  8. Private Telegram group: Throughout your journey, you will have exclusive access to a community of expatriate women hailing from diverse countries and backgrounds, all sharing similar challenges and concerns. This platform enables you to exchange experiences, share valuable tips and strategies, and foster enduring connections across geographical boundaries.


Total value: 1850 euros



To determine whether the GATEWAY S.O.S. program aligns with your needs, I cordially invite you to a 30-minute online session. This will allow us to become better acquainted, and you will discover the distinctive approach I bring as a coach. Additionally, during this session, we can discuss payment terms, which I intend to tailor to ensure flexibility and facilitate your seamless entry into the program.

The future depends on what you do today.

- Mahatma Gandi

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